Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey, ladies!

Okay, this blog post is strictly for my ladies, although you men may want to pull up a chair and possibly learn a thing or two.

When it's that time of the month, what do you use? Have you ever considered using cloth products for all your menstruating needs? I've only recently considered this route since Auntie had stayed away for so long after I had Layla. But now she's back (yay!) and since I cloth diaper Layla it only makes sense that I practice what I preach, right? It's incredible how much we ladies impact the environment with our sanitary products. Did you know that the most common piece of garbage that washes up on beach shores is plastic tampon applicators? YUCK!

One of my most favoritest blogs, is giving away a Lunapads intro kit. Pay them a visit and enter the contest:

Have an open mind... save the planet AND money. Peace, blessings, and happy menstruating!


~Y said...

What an interesting concept. I mean, it totally makes sense, being that cloth diapers have grown so common today. I think in the olden days folks may have used cloth sanitary napkins, but had moved away from that. I imagine those on the market today are that much more advanced.

I checked out that site and it actually looks neat. Hmmm, I may just go ahead and enter that contest, just in case i win, to experiment with something new...

Kirsten said...

I loved this...I did a little research, because I am strictly a tampon girl...I am going to look into the moon cup. ( And I agree with the other post, it is an interesting concept. And after reading some additional information on the amount of waste accumulated in dumps as a result of feminine products, I'm thinking this may be a way for me to make a contribution. Kudos Denise, for shining a light on a way of making a difference some of us would have never considered. You are a blessing!!!!

T. D. Anderson -- said...

Yaki, yep girl, people used cloth before there was Always and Kotex. Sis-in-law, I actually have a Diva Cup. Let me know who the Moon Cup works for you. I really like the idea of a cup because it's similar to using a tampon and you can use them for years.

DivaBride said...

If you go to and search for mom's who make mama cloth you'll find some great deals and you can pick your own fabric!

I've been doing it since January and I can't see myself going back.