Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Looking Mighty Green at the White House!

My daughter and I were privileged to get tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll this year. Obviously, I was excited because this is the first one the Obamas have had since the President took office. But I'm additionally excited because this year's Egg Roll (sounds like a Chinese dish when you say it like that) was decidedly green! The theme for the event was "Let's Go Play" and encouraged children to engage in physical activity and healthy living. The souvenir egg this year is the greenest in history, containing 33% less paperboard that last year's egg and made of wood from sustainable forests. It's also printed with vegetable-based ink. Here's the design:

Layla got the orange one, but I was hoping to pick up a pink one instead. Oh well, I guess I'll just order a box of all the colors.

I just wanted to share some photos from the event yesterday...
Word Girl

Layla fell asleep. I was afraid she'd miss the whole thing.

Eventually, she woke up and began reaching for everything... as usual!

The White House... of course.

The Obama's herb garden. I so love that they have a garden!

Ziggy Marley. I'm still psyched I got to see him!

There were a lot of educational opportunities, like this egg matching game. Kids had to match the eggs to the animal that laid them. Great nature activity.


Anonymous said...

Saving this link to my favorites! AWESOME SITE!! There WAS a major void on the world wide web for a site like this...Loves it!

Michelle (Cafelatte)

kelaine_2 said...

As usual, good job. Great pictures